Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sounding the Tocsin

"This is the first salvo in the establishment of a Marxist state, and anybody that doesn't think so had better get out there, had better open up their eyes and better see what these people are doing. Nobody out there knows exactly what this guy is going to do, but they love him. That's basically how the Bolsheviks did it. "

Huh! The Bolsheviks got elected? Or is it the reverse? Did Obama storm the Winter Palace and I missed it?

Well, I took this Brave American's advice. I got out there. I opened up my eyes. My neighbors probably wondered why I was standing in my front yard in the dead of winter with my laptop in hand, but there ... they are probably all Bolsheviks too. Mensheviks, at the very least. (hm, the spell check is fine with Bolshevik but not Menshevik -- that's what happens when you lose!).

Anyway, I was unclear as to which people I was supposed to see doing. I forebore to peer into my neighbors' windows. Maybe the Brave American was referring to something he saw on TV, although in that case getting "out there" presents something of an existential quandary. After some minutes, I went back inside.

See, I just needed inspiration from the right source.

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