Saturday, June 6, 2009

Socialized Medicine Has Arrived

It's been tough keeping up with the blogs, but I had to put this one out.

I've discovered a secret Socialist wedge into American free enterprise. It's completely government run -- paid for by your hard-earned taxes, and totally under government supervision. Competition isn't even allowed, and literally millions of Americans are subjugated to it without any voice in the matter.

What is this pernicious cancer eating at our free world?

It's the school nurse. Ah yep.

We need to dismantle this hateful aberration. Let the market determine which children get what sort of care. Clearly the government can't possibly do as good a job of taking care of the health of the Future of America as can locally-owned doctors' consortia under the direction of a business manager.

End the school nurse and think of all the tax money we will save, especially those of us who have no school-aged children. As for the others, you'll only pay for the care your child receives. No more will Big Government reach into your pocket and fling millions of dollars at ne'er-do-well kids who have a "headache." Hey, you wanna stop bleeding kid? Hand over your lunch money.

I'm telling you, it's high time we gave Government Nurse the boot. End socialized medicine in our public schools!

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