Friday, February 19, 2010

I want my money back

Elon Musk just won a tech award today. In the Wired comments on the story was posted this:

And to think, he gets the award because he was able to use my hard earned tax dollars, charitably donated to him by my over-reaching government. When do tax payers benefit from this? Can I have my money back now please?

I felt this deserved a reasoned response from the socialist perspective. To wit:

You can have your money back, but you need to get in line. I want my money back for funding the Viet Nam War and the conflicts since then. What do tax payers benefit from those undeclared wars? I want my money back from regulatory agencies that got in bed with corporations so they could bugger taxpayers under the covers. I want my money back from corporate bailouts from Chrysler in 1979 onward.

When I get my money back, you can have your money back. I was here first. And btw, your tax dollars are every bit as hard-earned as those dollars you spent going to a movie. They're just dollars, and we all work for a living.

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