Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Before the Deluge

Barack Obama has been elected president. This means that Socialism will follow, surely as night follows day. If you doubt it, there's a whole lake full of blogs out there that will show you the Truth.

So, I figured I'd take them at their word and will chronicle our descent into Hell. Our slide into Chaos. The Fall of America. The Winter of our Discon... oh, you get the idea.

We shall, o brothers and sisters, take as today's text an article from seekonkrepublicans dated October 23, 2008:
in which the EternallyRight observes that socialism is just like Nazism. After all, "the Nazi's official and frequently forgotten name was the National Socialist German Worker's Party" ... so hah!

By inexorable logic, since Obama is a socialist (a Proved Fact), and socialism is just like Nazism (see above), we should "within minutes" see individuals "subordinated to the state."

I myself have never knowingly been subordinated and wonder what it's like. Given that there are 300 million of us, I'll forgive Mr. Obama if he doesn't get to me for a day or two. But I shall certainly expect my subordination within ten working days!

According to Seekonk, businesses will have to bend their efforts to the benefit of the state, thought crimes get punished (better get yours in early!), and children will be indoctrinated. I'm delighted to learn of this, as there won't be any sneaky undermining of the Constitution as George W. has done. No siree, not with Pres. Hussein! He'll be on the socialism job within minutes and we should see the results in plain view.

You can rely on this blog for at least another day -- until the stormtroopers batter down my server -- to chronicle the descent of the dark cloud of socialism over our proud land. When old people fail to receive health care, LUSITUSA will be there. When people are denied treatment or receive only minimal treatment, LUSITUSA will be there. When the government tortures people, LUSITUSA will be there. Hm. Is already there, I guess. Seems Bush may have given Mr. Socialism a leg up.


I'm just wondering whether it will begin on inauguration day, or if he'll wait a day. Personally, I think he should get right on that whole incrementally destroying freedom thing, as I suspect it's going to take longer than SeekOnkRepublicans imagines it will.

If you see socialism popping up in your neighborhood, record your thought crimes here. The Obama socialism kind, not the Bush kind. That's old news.

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