Thursday, December 4, 2008


President-elect-soon-to-be-dictator is creating his cabinet, and I discern a troubling trend. He's appointing lots of Washington insiders and Clinton veterans. Richardson, Gates, Napolitano, Daschle, and Clinton herself have long been in American politics.

So, does this mean they are all socialists? Have been socialists all along? Whoa! Who knew?

It's unthinkable (isn't it?) that Socialist-Elect would choose non-socialists as his closest advisers. After all, he went with socialists and crooks for his cronies on his way up. Oh wait. Maybe Gates is a crook instead of a socialist!

Or, maybe this is all a front. Once he's sworn in O'Hussein suspends the Constitution and turns them all out, replacing them all with Bill Ayers. Sure.


What if they aren't socialists? What is Obama thinking here? How are you gonna have a socialist government without socialists? In the White House, I mean. Everybody knows Reid and Pelosi are socialists.

These cabinet appointments, though, had me going for a while. My best theory is, the whole bunch are crypto-socialists. And were so long before they were recognized, so they're proto-socialists as well.

I wonder: is America headed for Crypto-Socialism at the hands of pseudo-proto-neo-socialists?

One shudders.

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